The Bible

The question of the Bible is a difficult one. Often we think of it has a complete book. Yet, in actuality it is a collection of books, a library of sorts, that speaks of the history of the people of Israel and their relationship with God.

Written over thousands of years and with many variant copies it can be difficult to know what to make of the Bible itself. Our next session will concentrate on the history of the Bible. We will learn and discuss some of the different voices in scripture that we can discern and what we can make of the various books.

The study of the Bible itself is a great way to begin to understand God’s way with the world and with humanity. Wrestling with why these particular passages and books were preserved opens an insight into the mind of God and what God wishes for God’s creation.

We do hope you will join us as we look deeply into the library known as the Bible. This month we will be meeting at the Churchill Arms at 355 Erb Street West at 7:30 pm.

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